The team building experience is a great way to connect with new staff members, celebrate friendships or a fun way to enjoy a social and interactive cooking experience. We offer various options below to suit your event needs! Located in the Northern Industrial area, we have created a space where anyone can enjoy a unique cooking experience. Our kitchen is equipped with 24 cooking stations and all the appliances and equipment you will need.

Besides being creative and inspiring, our Masterchef Team Building sessions are a whole lot of fun. If you would like to include a competitive edge, then this is the way to go. Teams compete against each other for best dishes, presentation, and tastes, for a chance to win bragging rights and maybe even a prize! These events are a great way to break the ice and get your staff members, colleagues and   to have fun, interact, and enjoy themselves.

For those who prefer a less competitive event, choose our classic hands-on cooking class. Pair up with your colleagues and interact around cooking stations to create a 2-course lunch or dinner as a social event.

If you would rather sit back and enjoy the time with your friends or colleagues, this option is for you. We will demonstrate the recipes to you and you get to enjoy the creations afterwards.